start a successful Instagram account

how to start a successful Instagram account?

If you want Instagram success, then you need to know the right equation.

This is a super simple framework. And if you follow it, it will get you the success you’re looking for: more subscribers, more leads, more sales, more influence, and more brand authority.

Quality Content

+ Community Engagement

+ Collaboration, Influencers, Partnership

x Consistency & Discipline

If you use this, you will be able to:
• Build a successful Instagram account from scratch.
• Your account will stand the test of time.
• It doesn’t matter what unusual features your brand has, this will still work.

Quality Content

The more quality content you create, the more likely you will build a big and engaged audience.

Community Engagement

You must have a relationship with your audience, no matter how big or small. You need to care about them and them about you.

Collaboration, Influencers, Partnership

The accelerant to your efforts. One of the biggest pillars to rapidly growing an Instagram account regardless of your industry or business type.

Consistency and Discipline

If you have all the previous three but not the last, you’ll fail. You can use automation to make this happen, but it must happen!

If you want to start implementing now and see results fast, then here are 6 easy changes you can make right now that will have an impact:

Your Bio
This should have:
• A clear call to action (tell them what to do)
• Answers to commonly asked questions.
• Your location if you’re a local business.

Your Grid
This is the first 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 pictures or videos people see on your page. What does it look like? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Does it match your brand?

Your Call To Action (CTA)
You must have a CTA in your description to drive traffic and sales to your website. Tell them where you want them to go next.

Your Trackable Link
Check that the link to your website, your videos, or your store are all working and make sure the links are trackable so you can attribute conversions, subscribers, leads and sales.

Story Highlights
Make sure your story highlights are working for you.
Consider including:
• Some background on your product/products that talk about the benefits.
• Customer testimonials.
• Other products.
• Popular/useful blog posts on your site.
• Anything else that shows readers what you do as a business or personal brand.

There are different types of Instagram accounts and you need to have a clear strategy and structure in your account. Otherwise, your potential clients will get confused about what they can get from you and you won’t get as many followers or as much growth.

The different types of accounts are:

A Branded Account :

This is a company brand account and makes it very
obvious that the account is a business or company.
Personal Brand:

Used when the account is about a person and their
A Fan Page (a.k.a. Niche/Topic Page):

Used to build an organic audience to launch a product into a community. It’s not focused on a person or product. Instead it focuses on a niche topic and offers quality content to get attention and gather followers.
This page type can be very powerful because people are more likely to follow it as it’s not directly associated with a business or product. However, the relationship between you and the audience is necessarily weaker.

Gut-Check Quiz:
What Type of IG Account Should You Have?

— If you answer yes to the following questions, you should have a business brand IG account:

1. Do you want access to all the extra features in a business IG account?
2. Will the page be focused on your products or services rather than you as a person?
3. Are you willing to take a back seat to your business brand?
4. Have you created/uncovered interesting brand stories that you’re willing to share?

— If you answer yes to the following questions, you should have a personal brand IG account:
1. Are you ready to share details about your lifestyle with your audience?
2. Are you prepared to do the work to build a strong relationship with your audience?
3. Do you have a more personal approach to your business or brand?
4. Are you ready to put lots of photos of yourself, your life, and your family on your account?

— If you answer yes to the following questions, you probably should have a fan page IG account:
1. Are you looking to gather an audience on a niche topic without selling?
2. Can you wait while the audience grows organically?
3. Do you have the knowledge and background to provide valuable content on your topic?
4. Are you prepared to keep yourself and your brand out of the spotlight in this account?

You can double your following by choosing the right Instagram name.

You have 2 names on Instagram. The first is your username, which is @yourname. The second
is your “Instagram name” and this is what you want to tweak.
This is where searchable keywords come in. Your name should have a keyword in it, particularly one that you want to rank for.
If you don’t know your keywords, here’s where to look:
• Look up Google Trends in your industry.
• Use the website and type in a topic to generate relevant keywords.    You want to find the most common search terms that relate to your business and embed it into your brand name.                                                                                                                                            The more popular the term you use, the faster your following will grow

Your bio is one of the first things that people look at when they come to your account. You have 150 characters to tell people what you do, who you are, and why they should follow you.
Make sure it:
• Introduces you and your business.
• Explains why people should care.
• Showcases social proof or authority.
• Has a clear call to action to tell people what to do next.
• Showcases the benefits of your product or services.
The most important elements are the CTA and
establishing rapport, authority or social proof on why
people should care or what’s in it for them.

Working out what content to post can be complicated and intimidating. But you can use an overarching blueprint for all the things that you’re going to do to grow your following on Instagram. Before creating a content strategy, move through these steps:

  • Your Goal

You must define the goal of your content, whether it’s to:
• Build authority
• Get more applications
• Increase foot traffic in your business.
• Sell more products.
Your Avatar
Who are you creating content for? You need to identify

  • your avatar:

• Their age.
• Where they live.
• Their interests.
• Their dreams/desires.
• The problems they’re dealing with.
Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
How is your content, your product, your services, and
your business different to anyone else’s? Don’t be afraid
to stand out.

  • Identify Opportunities

• Repurpose content.
• Use customer created content.
• Brand ambassadors.
• Partner shoutouts.
• Get before-and-after transformation photos/
• Run challenges

  • Content Buckets

Make sure you have a range of different types of content
and look at how to create:
• IG stories.
• Videos.
• Images.

  • Create Sales Mechanisms

How can you sell using the content you create? Eg:
• Use free training to encourage people to buy a
• Use review photos or videos on your feed to drive

  • Content Calendar

Map out your content calendar:
• Post at least once a day.
• Set Mondays aside to plan, create, and schedule
content for the week.

Questions to Ask About Each Piece of Content
❏ How is it going to drive sales?
❏ How is it going to drive value?
❏ How will it build a relationship with your audience?
❏ How will it drive traffic?
❏ How is it going to get more followers/likes/ engagement?
❏ How will it serve the market you want to serve?
You must be able to answer these questions before creating or sharing your content!

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