Every human being on the planet has these 4 things integrated into his/her life.
Let’s understand them one by one to open your mind How to Get a profitable affiliate marketing niche to start with…

1. Passion

This is something which we all have. We all are passionate about something, either it can be a good bike, games, travel, singing, dancing, golf or it can be anything.
Now your main goal is to identify that passion and do the research on Google and identify which websites are writing about the same topic.
Start reading those articles and think about how can you produce content better than those.
Can you add your own twist to write the content on your blog and help people in the world?
Once you do the research, you’ll find that you can start a blog around your passion.

2. Knowledge

We all have knowledge about something. It can be project management, programming, gadgets, writing, or any other subject.
Start using Google and search your main keywords in Google.
See what other people are doing.

3. Skill

This is very close to knowledge but this is something which you are confident about.

4. Fear

This is something you fear the most. This can also be a great niche for affiliate marketing.

Here are some topics which are not good as affiliate marketing Niches:

1. Lyrics – Not a good niche for the affiliate.
2. Shayari – A bad niche to start affiliate marketing.
3. Poems – There are no affiliate programs that you can promote by writing poems.
4. Quotes – There is no creativity in writing the quotes. It’s a simple copy paste job and there are no opportunities in this niche to make money with affiliate marketing.
5. Education: Although education is a big niche, All you can do is, promote the books. An average price of a book is 10 $ , and your commission would be 8% .

 I will not waste my time and efforts for some small bucks as  affiliate commission.

Choosing A Niche is EXTREMELY important so Please read this very carefully.
If you want this affiliate business to be able to truly operate as “hands-free” as possible, you absolutely, positively, NEED to choose an evergreen niche.
To get your brain warmed up…
I’ve put together a list of 129 evergreen niches below. This is by no means all of the possibilities but this list will get your mind going.

Best 129 Evergreen Niches To Start Your Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business...!

129 Evergreen Niches

ADHD – Acne  – Adoption  -Alzheimers –  Anger Management – Anti Aging –  Antiquing  – Anxiety  – Archaeology  – Arthritis  – Asthma –  Astronomy  – Back Pain Backpacking  – Bass Fishing – Become A Nurse –  Bird Training 

Boating & Sailing –  Bowling – Boxing –  Camping – Ceramics – Cheerleading – Chess – Chicken Coops – Chronic Fatigue –  Classic Cars  – Cooking/Recipes Copywriting – Cure Hemorrhoids –  Decorating – Depression –  Diabetes – Divorce –  Dog Training – Dropshipping – Eating Disorders –  Gambling – Gardening – Get Your Ex Back – Golf – Greenhouses  – Hair Loss Headaches –  Heart Disease – Hiking – Honeymoons

Horse Racing –  Horses Training –  How To Be Confident –  How To Budget – How to Learn French – How to Learn German – How to Learn Guitar – How to Learn Italian – How to Learn Spanish – How to Play the Piano – How to Play the Violin – How to Stop Panic Attacks – Hunting –  Hypnosis – Hypoglycemia – Insurance – Interior Design –  Invest In Gold – Knitting – Landscaping – Lawn Care –  Learn To Dance – Learn To Sing – Life Coaching – Low Fat Recipes – Magic Tricks – Marriage Advice – Martial Arts – Massage

Memory Improvement – Menopause –  Mental Health – Model Trains –  Motivation – Mo untain Biking – Multiple Sclerosis – NLP – OCD – Organic Food – Parenting – Photography-  Poker – Pottery  – Pregnancy –  Psychic – Psychology – Public Domain – Quilting – Racquetball – Rafting –  Relationships/Dating – Rugby Running –  Saltwater Fishing Scrapbooking – Scuba Diving – Self-Sustainability

Single Parenting – Skateboarding – Skiing – Snorkeling – Snowboarding – Stop Smoking – Stop Snoring – Surfing – Swimming – Tattoo Removal – Tennis-  Time Management – UFOs – Volleyball  – Wedding Planning – Wedding Speeches  – Weight Loss – Weight Training – Wine Making – Woodworking – Wrestling –  Yoga

If You Need More Niches Ideas Here are 1900+ Profitable Niches Ideas to Stat Your affiliate marketing Business From Here…!

What is a super Niche in affiliate marketing niches and How to choose it?

A super-niche is one that is piping hot and busting at the seams with rabid buyers.
They’re usually full of competitors but also full of opportunity.
Super-niches must meet three requirements:

1. The niche must center around a specific audience or group of people with very
similar interests.

2. The niche must fall into one of these three mass markets: Health, Wealth, or

Why does this matter, you ask? These three markets have proven time and time again
to contain people who are willing to pay for help/advice/information. They don’t hesitate,
or think twice about whipping their wallet out and buying something they just discovered

3. The niche idea must center around GREED, SEX or an IMPROVEMENT OF

Let me explain my reasoning on the last requirement. This may get rather dark but I promise you it’s the honest truth, like it or not.

We, as human beings, are naturally greedy. It’s in our DNA. Survival is our number one priority. 

Cavemen would fight to their death over a meal. Fortunately, modern times keep us from having to run from lions and bears, hunt for our food, and find a cave to get outta the rain.

But that primal instinct still lives in us stronger than ever.

 Every decision we (humans) make, subconsciously runs through a test in our mind that goes like this…

Will this raise or lower my status? Meaning, will this make me look good or look bad to my friends, family, and neighbors? Ultimately, will this help me survive? (It’s all about survival when it comes right down to it.)
It’s true. Trust me.
My point is, there’s nothing people are willing to pay for more than something they WANT. Not something they NEED… something they WANT.

People don’t WANT to replace the hot water tank for their home… they NEED to.

People don’t WANT to replace the alternator in their car… they NEED to.

People don’t WANT to pay for car insurance… they NEED to.
Given the choice, 99 out of 100 people would choose to spend their money on a 60” Big Screen TV… over replacing the roof on their house.
It’s just how we’re wired as humans.
History has proven that people spend their money on things they WANT not things they NEED.

You’re setting yourself up for a tough journey by choosing a niche that doesn’t lend itself to this thinking.

For example, weight loss is fueled by all 3, greed, sex, and status. This all happens subconsciously… “if I lose weight I’ll look better than Sue, men will find me attractive and want to date me, I’ll have guys all over me at the club.”

The Invest In Gold niche… “I’ll look smart when gold goes up, Alan will be jealous and will come to me for advice, maybe I can get that new Corvette I’ve always wanted, then I’ll attract some smokin’ hot babes.” Again, fueled by all 3.

See how this works?
If you choose a super-niche that’s fueled by all 3 of these, you’re well on your way to success.

Hobby Niches Can Make Bank Too as affiliate marketing niches?

Hobby niches are niches like snorkeling, quilting, saltwater fishing, running, and… gardening.

While these niches might not be million-dollar per year niches… it’s very possible to earn six figures per year or more in just one of these niches.

Since you’re not competing with thousands of other marketers, your marketing doesn’t have to be outstanding to get noticed.

I could quickly and easily setup two, three, even four more little hobby businesses like our gardening one and multiple my income in just a couple months.
That’s the power of setting up little automated businesses. 

Once it’s setup, all you have to do is drive targeted traffic. The business runs itself.

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